102 Best Flat Stomach Diet And Exercises

by Christian Blake on February 27, 2013

01Your weight problem will not solve itself until you are willing and dedicated to follow all the instructions which you need. There is more to you than just living an unhealthy life. Look around you and you will see a lot of people, both women and men having a trimmed body shape and they can eat whatever they like. They follow a flat stomach diet and exercise their body which makes it perfect for them.

Right from the age of teen, you must have been hearing things such as proper nutrition. I understand you are young then but you could still remember. When you were younger, you eat a lot of calories and unhealthy foods and the reason is because you are still young and have craving for sweets. Maybe that is what mum used to give you whenever you are going to school or to stop you from crying but the simple fact you should understand is that you  play a lot at your youthful age and as a result, you were able to burn off more fat.

Now that you are mature, there is need to have more knowledge of the foods which you are to eat and those which you are not to eat. Anyway, let us begin to examine ourselves. Do you weight yourself often? How many pounds do you carry in your weight? Do you examine your body? What types of foods are you consuming? Do you follow a good eating plan? Do you exercise at all?

These questions may sound so funny to you but they are the ways to discover yourself. The truth is in you and to boost out the real image in you, there is need to follow a good eating plan.

When do you normally eat? Do you measure the quantity of foods you eat? Do you know its constituents? Foods are made up of constituents and that is why you should know the amount of constituents each food you are eating is having. You will need a food journal to keep the account of the foods you are eating daily. This will enable you to calculate the amount of carbs, calories, fats etc you have eaten throughout the week.

You have to start believing in yourself and look for the foods that you think is your favorite and not those that will get you bored very fast. Once you are able to find a solution to this, you should also learn to control craving for foods and sweets.

The more you are growing, the more your body system stores fat. Fat are stored in the fat cells in the body system. For you to get the optimal results, you should engage your muscles so that it will help you to burn fat and calories and you will likewise gain muscles. It is better to gain muscles and lose fat plus calories.

Make sure you measure the percentage of calories you are ingesting daily, keep track on it because if you fail to do so and you are performing exercises, you will definitely see no result. If you are ingesting the same amount of calories you are burning daily, the chance that you will lose weight is not possible.

There are various reasons why so many people fail after they reach a weight loss goal. What I mean is that after they have reached a weight loss goal, they return to those unhealthy foods. Though it is not easy to keep a good eating plan forever but you should at least include them in your eating plan even after you have lost weight. Maybe thrice a week and I don’t think that will be too much for you.

Water is a great remedy for losing weight. it will take water to remove water. There are some people who their body retains water. Though it does not happen to everybody but there is no way, your body will have some harmful toxins waiting for some function to eliminate them. So, drinking enough water will function to remove those toxins and other products which are not of health benefit. Water will help to increase the rate of metabolism and will also aid digestion. It will help you to feel full faster and as a result of this, you are training your system to learn how to control craving for foods.

Stress is a one other triggers of weight gain. When you are under stress, your body will surely add extra pounds in the area of your belly/tummy. The stress hormone will release cortisol which is also known as body stress hormone. This process will allow more fat deposition in the belly. How can you control your stress? There is no magic involved and I don’t think there is a specific drug to help control stress; you can only take control of it by controlling yourself so as to control your stress situations. Once you are able to put it under control, you will be able o burn more fat.

Women possess fat than men. Men generally posses fat in their belly while in women, it can be found in their bum, belly, thighs, breast, etc. Mothers are also looking for fat burning foods after pregnancy and childbirth because they will change the look of the abs. it is a lot possible to remain in shape after pregnancy and birth but that will be determined by the way you chose to exercise yourself as well as your eating plan. According to research, most doctors will tell you to resume exercise after six or seven weeks of delivering. It depends on the childbirth type you have, if you have child birth by C-section, it may take longer to get a toned belly and weight generally. Always have at the back of your mind that you need to slowly exercise yourself at the first few weeks which you started.

You may have tried various exercises to help trim your abs. It is not every exercise that provided a good fat loss result; some will do while others will not. There is one simple fact about muscles, they are easily worked out but after some time they do stop building. How can you control the situation? The best way is to switch exercises. This type of exercising is the program that is better for you. It will help to improve your weight loss.

The following are the fat burning exercises that you may incorporate in your flat stomach diet:

  1. Cable core press
  2. Offset dumbbell reverse lunge
  3. 2b chinup
  4. Sit-ups
  5. Crunches
  6. Deadlifts
  7. Reverse crunch
  8. 3a barbell deadlift
  9. Dumbbell push press
  10. Walking
  11. Swimming
  12. Jogging
  13. Rowing
  14. Power walk
  15. Cross  country skiing
  16. Trampoline
  17. Aerobic dancing
  18. Kickboxing
  19. Biking
  20. Leg raises
  21. Side bends
  22. Leg curls
  23. NFL all-Pro workout
  24. Treadmills
  25. Barbell overhead lunge
  26. Hyperextension with dumbbell scarecrow and twist

All the exercises in the above will help you lose weight as fast as possible.

Now we shall provide you with the various fat burning foods that you may incorporate in your eating plan.

  1. Fruits and veggies
  2. Potato
  3. cabbage
  4. salmon
  5. avocado
  6. onions
  7. ginger
  8. pepper
  9. low-fat yogurt
  10. low-fat milk products
  11. apples
  12. watermelons
  13. tomatoes
  14. bananas
  15. seafood
  16. lamb
  17. lean meats
  18. tart cherries
  19. celery
  20. kelp noodles
  21. nuts
  22. flaxseed
  23. jalapenos
  24. brown rice
  25. oranges
  26. soy milk
  27. banana
  28. oatmeal
  29. olive oil
  30. turkey, poultry chicken and pork
  31. fish
  32. whole grains
  33. fish
  34. sardines
  35. cooked barley
  36. carrots
  37. peas
  38. lentils
  39. eggs
  40. almonds
  41. water
  42. asparagus
  43. spinach
  44. salad with veggies
  45. green tea
  46. grapefruit
  47. hot peppers
  48. strawberries
  49. blackberries
  50. blueberries
  51. vinegar with salad and spinach
  52. coffee black
  53. okra
  54. artichokes
  55. salad greens
  56. tomatoes
  57. Brussels sprouts
  58. Radishes
  59. Mushrooms
  60. Gourds
  61. Zucchini
  62. Pumpkin
  63. Scallions
  64. Sorrel
  65. Parsley
  66. Cauliflowers
  67. Chives
  68. Leeks
  69. Peas
  70. Kale
  71. Watercress
  72. Sorrel
  73. Turnips
  74. Sweet corn
  75. Eggplant
  76. Green beans
  77. Sorrel
  78. Scran berries
  79. Papaya
  80. Currants
  81. Pineapples
  82. Honeydew
  83. Pomegranates
  84. Prunes
  85. Nectarines
  86. Mangoes
  87. Apricots
  88. Limes
  89. Cherries
  90. Muskmelon
  91. Clams
  92. Lobsters
  93. Shrimp
  94. Sea bass
  95. Crabs
  96. Oysters
  97. Trout
  98. Terrapin
  99. Cod steak
  100. Cashew
  101. Beef
  102. Skim milk

You should never be scared to make the real change in your life and be committed to follow the flat stomach diet plan. I assure you that you will be shocked when you start to see the result yourself. Make sure you follow the program correctly because this is the only way you can achieve your goal. Do not skip your meals and remember to seek the advice of medical personnel before you begin any weight loss plan. Shortcuts don’t work, it is better to lose weight naturally.

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