39 Incredicle Weight Loss Exercises

by Christian Blake on February 28, 2013

01There are plenty of incredible weight loss exercises that will bring out the best shape in you. Not everybody that want to lose weight reach their weight loss goal, it is only few people that are serious about burning fat, calories and gaining muscles that perform their exercise to the maximum.

How does the body accumulate fat? Fat can be stored in the body through plenty ways. Some people derive fat from their gene because genetics plays an important role in body weight. Some people accumulate a lot of fat in their body due to the foods and drinks they consume. Some fat depositions are caused due to stress while some results from not getting enough sleep. There are many other causes but the major causes are the unhealthy foods and drinks.

You may be have working out for long and at the same time reduce the amount of calories you consume daily and still possess fat in your body. I guess what you are thinking right now is that why is the method not working for you.

If you have been exercising for long and you do not see any change in your weight, you may need a reality check about what to be expecting form exercise. Exercise plays an important role in losing weight.

When you begin exercising your body, it may become somehow difficult but that should never be a reason to stop or skip. The reason why you are feeling it is because you just begin a lifestyle change and your body will take time to adjust. You may feel pain in your body and muscles being the first time you are performing the exercise but make sure you have some rest before you begin another exercise.

One of the advantages of exercise is that it helps to maintain body weight. Dieters incorporate exercise in their daily routine because they know it will help them shed fat, burn calories and as well help to build muscles. Scientists also claimed that those that exercise and gain muscles have the tendency to burn more calories than those that did not train their muscles.

Think of it over and over again, what do feel when you see somebody possessing a lean and attractive figure? Sure, you will want to be like that person or even leaner. Those that lose weight and maintain their body shape does not lose weight through exercise alone, they also incorporate a good eating strategy.

If you choose to lose weight through exercise alone, it will never work for you because you still consume the amount of fat and calories you are burning every day. You cannot talk about diet alone when it comes to losing weight and you can’t talk about exercise alone. You have to incorporate the two to make it more effective for you.

If you are willing to lose weight, follow a good nutrition, cooking tips, recipes, have some special diet that are healthy and understand the constituents of the foods you eat.

For healthy nutrition you should consume foods that are gluten free, low sodium, low-fat, gluten free, high amount of protein, omega-3s, fruits and veggies etc.

Water is a good for losing weight. Scientists claimed that it is good to drink a lot of water daily but not too much so that the acid that digest food in the body will not be diluted. They further said that a person should drink at least 6 ounces of water daily. Drink a cup of water when you wake up from bed, drink another before each meal and after meals because it will help you to get satisfied as fast as possible. This method will help you to control craving for foods, aid digestion, speed up metabolism, flush out harmful toxins, etc.

There are millions of exercises all over the world that are performed to reduce weight but I want you to understand your body type before starting any exercise because what works for A may not work for B. Body types varies from one another and if you are able to discover your body type, you will also be able to discover the type of exercise that is good for you.

Many people perform exercises but do not lose weight because they are bored with the exercise. To solve the problem, look for the exercise that you find interesting and perform it. Not that you should perform it alone but you should also switch between exercises.

As soon as your body get used to one type of exercise you have been performing for long it will become so difficult to see a good weight loss result. You should learn how to perform the exercise and also the amount of reps and sets you perform should not exceed the normal routines that guide the exercise.

When you exercise, your body becomes weak as well as your muscles and at this point you should relax before performing another exercise. You will be able to save muscles and power for the next exercise. Do not perform exercise more than thrice or four times a week.

Note: before you begin any exercise, there is one routine that guides every exercise in the world and it is called warming-up. The body of human functions like a car engine that needs warm-up before it can function properly. So, you should always warm up your body before starting any exercise. The warming-up exercises that you can perform are running, jogging, skipping, dancing, jumping etc.

Exercise varies; there are some that requires gym while others do not require gym or a large area. The weight loss exercises that can be performed shall be discussed shortly. Follow the routines properly in order to reach your weight loss goal and as well prevent your muscles and body from injuries, etc. To get a good work out doesn’t mean you must perform those that require gym or weight but the great ones that will help you burn fat, calories as well as build up your muscles.

Push-ups: this is a weight loss exercise that trains the areas of your lower back, glutes, shoulders, triceps and abdominal muscles. It will help to burn calories, fat and build up your muscles.

How to perform the pushups: let us say you are in a push up position, keep your legs in a straight position, your hands should be under your shoulders. Brace your core while keeping your body rigid, lower yourself until your chest reaches the floor. Push back until your arms are fully extended.

  1. Bench press
  2. Military press
  3. Chins
  4. Skull crushers
  5. EZ bar curls
  6. Seated calf raises
  7. Shiff-leg deadlifts
  8. Incline dumbbell press
  9. Dips
  10. Alternate dumbbell curls
  11. Leg press calf raise
  12. Squats
  13. Plate twist
  14. Machine shoulder press
  15. Decline bench press
  16. T-bar rows
  17. Sumo squat
  18. Preacher dumbbell curls
  19. Zottman curls
  20. Weight knee raises
  21. Standing calf raises
  22. Weighted decline situps
  23. Upright row
  24. Triceps pushdown
  25. Lat pull down
  26. Leg extension
  27. Weight lifting
  28. Jogging
  29. Running
  30. Skating
  31. Skipping
  32. Rowing
  33. Swimming
  34. Stairmasters
  35. Ski machines
  36. Treadmills
  37. Elliptical machines
  38. Cross trainers
  39. Exercise bikes

It is not necessary that you should join a gym before you can perform weight loss exercises. There are some aerobic exercises that can be performed at home. The steps to follow are also available in CD. So, you can watch and follow the steps without trainer.

It is very important to begin your exercise slowly. You may start with ten minutes of exercising; it does not mean you must begin with thirty minutes sessions as a beginner.

As you exercise make sure you listen to your body. If you feel that your muscles are weak or you breathe uncomfortable slow the exercise down and rest till you are fit for the next sets and reps.

What are the benefits of weight loss exercises?

They perform a great role in the body as a whole, their functions are:

  1. They help to increase the energy levels
  2. They help to reduce stress and improve the mental health
  3. They help to increase both lung and heart efficiency
  4. They help to prevent the heart from diseases
  5. They help reduce blood pressure
  6. They help to reduce the amount of fat deposition in the body
  7. They help to reduce the amount of calories deposition in the body system, etc.

Perform weight loss exercises and experience the changes in your figure. As soon as you reach your weight loss goal you should be able to maintain the figure by eating good foods and exercising your body often. There is no way a person can lose weight through fat burning foods without exercise and there is no way a person will want to lose weight through exercising the body without following a good nutrition. Everything works together. Measure the amount of calories and fat you ingest daily so that you will be able to calculate the amount that you have consumed at the end of every week. Keep track on how many calories you have burn and how many you are eating.

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