Break Free With These Fat Burning Foods For Women

by Christian Blake on December 8, 2012

  Do you want to lose excess fat without feeling deprived of the good foods to be eaten? It has being confirmed by health specialists that women have the tendency to get fat faster than men and I have also come to understand that. There are certain foods that aid in the burning of fats in the system and I would be letting you get to know them as we proceed.  Foods are categorized into two (2); the healthy foods and the unhealthy foods. What are unhealthy foods? They are foods which aid in the destruction of the body system. These foods do so many bad things to the body and some of them are; add excess fat, leads to the dysfunction of the body system, makes the body prone to all forms of sicknesses, and also terminates the life of a person impromptu. So, here in this article on fat burning foods for women, we will be considering the healthy foods for a healthy body.

As I said before, women have the tendency to add weight within a very short time and one of their desires is to get a sexy and also healthy body shape. If you feel it is of no use, listen to me; 70% of men desire sexy ladies, with trim bodies and a perfect shape. So, if you still feel it doesn’t matter, I hope you get someone who will love you for your voluptuous and amoebic shape.

So, the foods which will be given to you fall into the six classes of foods which are protein, carbs, mineral salts, vitamins, fats and oils and also water. Apart from the foods which ought to be eaten, it is very important that you perform the exercises to compliment it because dieting without that will yield little or no result. Anyway, losing weight is a very fun thing but it needs a lot of energy, power and determination.

Lists of foods for the burning of fat

  1. Peanuts: these are very important legumes which aid in the burning of fat- I know you already know what it is about- and most of the people who have it added to their meals have a low level of blood sugar, and also reduces the rate at which fat stores in the body and also controls the appetite of such individual.
  2. Cinnamon: this speeds up the metabolic rate of the body and the insulin level. All that is needed of you to do is to add a quarter teaspoon in your food. Do you know that it also reduces the storage of fat in the body? Yes, it sure does.
  3. Banana: banana is a very common fruit for people who engage in exercises. They are rich in potassium and also aid in the increase in the metabolic rate of the body. You know, there are other fruits which can be used in place of this and they are; fruits from the citrus family such as oranges, apples, mangoes, pineapples, cashew, coconut, and the likes of them. Fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals which aid in the burning of fat and in the supplying of the body with the energy needed to perform exercises.
  4. Whole grains: these are found under the carb class of food and they contain a large amount of it and they also increase the metabolic rate of the body. One thing you must know is that, the higher the metabolism, the more fat the body will lose.
  5. Oatmeal: this is also under the carb class which has a high level of fiber in it. What do fibers do? They aid in the speeding up of the metabolic rate of the body and it takes a long time to digest. This reduces the rate at which a person gets hungry. This oatmeal keeps the body energized for a long time and also reduces the urge of you eating sugary things.
  6. Garlic: yeah! It is the smelly-smelly thing but it has many health benefits. Garlic aids in the reduction of the blood sugar and also aids in the burning of fat. The body contains good and bad bacteria and the bad ones are removed with the help of these medicinal foods.
  7. Milk: this is under the protein class and it contains a lot of calcium in it which also triggers the metabolic rate of the body. They can also be placed in the carbs area due to the fact that it aids in the lowering of the insulin level. Milk is gotten from dairy animals such as goats, and cows.
  8. Jalapenos: this speeds up the heart rate and also increases the metabolic rate of the body. adding little spice to your meals will add something to your life and also provide it with health benefits.
  9. Hot chili peppers: men who eat chili pepper and coffee tend to lose more calories daily, so, I think you should add it to your meals, so, you will burn more calories easily.
  10. Red cayenne chilies: they are also spices which can be added to meals to aid in the reduction of weight.
  11. Green tea: this causes the brain and the nervous system to work faster and also speeds up the burning of calories in the body. It has being researched that the body works faster when it is at rest, so you don’t have to go through the exercise process before the green tea does its work.
  12. Chicken: this is gotten from dairy foods and it also comes from the protein family. About 5% of calorie is burnt when it is consumed. It can be eaten in different ways; either baked, grilled, boiled, or fried. Whichever way you want it but when frying it, be sure to use vegetable oil because it contains little or no amount of cholesterol.
  13. Coffee: this contains a large amount of caffeine and it speeds up the rate at which the heart beats. When drinking coffee, I advise that you don’t use sugar, instead, use skimmed milk as a substitute.
  14. Pork: do you believe that pork aids in the burning of fat? Well, I didn’t believe it at first but as I researched and learnt, I got to know that it is one of the top foods for such task. Well, pork contains fat in it too, so, I advise that you eat lean meat and also add fresh herbs and chili to season it.
  15. Salmon: they are good sources of omega-3 which is good for the altering of the hormonal levels of the body. It is best eaten when grilled and I am sure that when you adhere to these, you will get the best.
  16. Beef: lean beef, as the other foods mentioned speed up the metabolism of the body and as it is rich in protein, it builds up the body and requires more energy for it to be digested than any other carb.
  17. Tuna: this is another kind of fish which aids in the lowering of the hormonal level of the body. It speeds up the metabolic rate of the body and also makes the burning of fat more efficient.
  18. Turkey:  this is also from the protein family and they boost the metabolic rate of the body. I prefer it to be skinned before digested, but if you feel you can’t do that, well, I think you should try out the breast. Yummiscious!!
  19. Sardines: they are also rich in omega-3, fish oil and I assure you haters of fish, that once you try this one out, you will love fish till death.
  20. Use these tips wisely.

As I have given to you these foods which can be of help to you, there are other tips which are to be known and they are as follows;

  1. Don’t skip breakfast for anything: breakfast is a very important meal of the day because it keeps the body active throughout. For breakfast, I advise that eggs should be added to it because they are good sources of protein.
  2. Go for morning workouts to strengthen the bones and flex the muscles. Like I said before, dieting without exercise will yield little or no result. Which do you prefer? The one with better results or vice versa?

I remember a neighbor of mine who wanted to lose weight desperately, and she came to me for advice. I am not one to talk much, so, I just explained to her as I have explained above to you and guess what; she used it to the latter. Though, she was having doubts, I saw her through and I know that I will see you through as you obey these tips.

I am very sure you will use these tips on fat burning foods for women; so, I would leave you here and hope to hear from you soon. Do your best and leave the rest for nature to decide.

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