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by Christian Blake on February 22, 2013

01One of the most common issues that a lot of people are facing these days is unwanted body fat and belly fat. Majority of the people going through this problem do not know what to do to control the situation, the best way to control this situation is to look for the best exercise for abs.

The foods that we are eating are generally consisting of so many unhealthy nutrients and that is why experts call them junk foods. These junk foods mainly constitute of unhealthy fat, calories, and carbohydrates. All these nutrients are needed by the body to perform the daily functions but when they are too much at a time, they will not be used as energy but fat in the abs.

When you eat unhealthy foods, they are usually stored in the tummy and your body system will require exercises and a good eating plan in order to control the situation. I don’t know what your body type is but I am very sure that there are so many ways which you can acquire fat. Fat can be acquired through stress, not getting enough sleep, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating and drinking etc.

Since you have the understanding about the things that bring about unwanted fat, you should look for ways to get rid of those fats before they cause harm to your health.

Over the years, I have heard a lot of complain from various people about what the fats in their body system causes and that is one major reason why I write this post for your sake in order to put an end to your obese physique and the tummy fat which you have been possessing for long.

Everybody wants a toned abs and I understand that is why there are so many questions about how to get rid of tummy fat. There are more than thousands exercise which you can do so as to tone your abs, in fact the exercises and their routines are made available In DVDs.

There are some exercises that will require fitness equipments while some others will only require a small area and not fitness equipment. You should start to work your abdominal muscles today so that you can reach the abs of your dreams.

There are so many researches about abs exercises and they determine that which exercise will be the best to work the abdominals as well as the oblique. The results were many but they claimed that the exercises are not the same, they function than the others.

Here are the lists of exercises that you can do if you want a toned abdominals:

  1. Knee lifts on catpain’s chair
  2. Crunches on ball
  3. Bicycle crunches
  4. Torso track machines
  5. Crunches with vertical legs: this is one effective exercise that will help you tone your abdominals and for anyone to perform this exercise there are some steps to follow. This exercise is familiar with traditional crunch.
  6. Traditional crunches
  7. Tubing pull exercise
  8. Abs rocker machine
  9. Plank
  10. Abs roller machine
  11. Crunches with hell push
  12. torso with arms extended
  13. vertical legs crunches

You cannot perform your exercise like every other person because everybody has his/her own way of exercising, depending on the strength and commitment. I have heard some people claimed that they perform some exercises and do not work for them. This occurs in many cases and the main reason is that the exercise that work for you may have no effect on another person.

Sometimes it may be difficult to find the exercise that will help reduce the fats that are deposited in your belly area but what you can do to control the situation is to understand your body and perform the exercise that you think Is comfortable for you and not the exercise that will cause you pain all over your body. Perform the exercise that you find interesting.

The abdominals are a tricky area of the body to tone. One of the primary reasons why people are going through such issues is the fact that they lack the knowledge of it. If you are planning to get rid of your abdominal fat it will require your full commitment. It is not possible for you to perform exercise in one day and expect to have a toned abdominals the following day. If you fail to exercise and follow a good eating plan, your abs will keep popping out every day by day.

What do you think is important when you want to tone your abdominal muscles? The most important thing you should always have at the back of your mind is the fact that you need to train hard so that you will be able to see good result as fast as possible.

There are some things that you will need if you want a toned abs and they are listed below:

1. If you possess a body type that is puny, the percentage chance that you will have a toned abdominal muscle is very low. You will need a minimum of some decent size and strength of your abs muscles and to get this done you will have to perform the best exercise for abs. if you want the best workout to tone your abdominal muscles, you should perform the one that will both train your upper and lower abs and  obliques as well. You should never focus the ones that will only work your upper abs because you will never get the six-packs if you do so.

2. You do not need a high amount of fat in your belly if you want to bring out the best in you and the best which I am talking about is a perfect abdominals. You should perform cardiovascular exercise because if you focus on exercise like sit-ups alone, it won’t eliminate all the fat that is in your tummy. The more you exercise, the more you burn fat the more you gain muscles and it is the muscles in your body system that burn high percent of calories.

3. You should apply as much effort as possible. Do not be concerned about getting a visible six pack but you should engage your muscles in a complete abs exercise so that you can get to the required size even if it is not as perfect as you want it.

4. As soon as you have the decent size on your abdominal muscles, you should include cardiovascular exercise to help you shed the excess fat that has long accumulate and will also help to burn off the unwanted calories in your body system. You should not eat the same amount of calories you are burning every day because that is one of the reason why some people have complained that they do not possess a lean abs after so many exercises for many years. Reduce the amount of calories and fat you are ingesting so that you can get to your dreams.

If you are having high amount of fat in your body and you are performing various exercises, you should make the exercise harder so that you can be able to cut the amount of fat and calories in your body. To make the exercise harder, you can incorporate weight or perform high intensity exercise.

Some people do not exercise regularly, they do perform their exercises once in a week but if you are really sure that you want to lose belly fat then you should perform your exercises for at least two to three days a week but always remember that you should never over train yourself. If you over train yourself, you will lose your strength.

We advice that you should rest between sets, rest at least for a period of 25 seconds to 60 seconds and if you are power lifting make sure you take about two to three minutes rest. When you rest you will be able to regain your strength.

You should always perform repetitions because the amount of repetitions you perform is very vital. You should perform repetitions for about eight to twelve times because it is required for the growth of your abdominal muscles and burning of more calories.

Decline bench sit ups: this is an exercise to help tone the abdominal muscles and this exercise requires a lot of concentration. You should make sure you concentrate on your abs and not your legs. This exercise will help you to target your abs.

Hanging leg raises: this is an exercise that targets the lower abs and to perform this type of exercise, you should make sure your body are kept firm and raise your legs up to your desired point and bring it down again but ensure you do not swing your body.

There are so many exercises that will help you target your abdominals but it is not left to you to choose the type which you consider the best for you and not the type that will cause you pain or the one that you don’t find interesting. Make sure you see your counselor for advice before you begin any exercise for tummy fat. Follow the exercise tips in the above because they are the best exercise for abs.

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