Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat And Reasons Why People fail

by Christian Blake on February 26, 2013

01Why is everybody scared to perform exercise to reduce belly fat? There are many things that bring about increased body fat; things such as stress, foods, drinks, gene, etc.  It is now left to you to choose whether you want to lose weight or ad weight. The best way to keep fit is to get  lean body shape and remain in shape.

A lot of people have tried several weight loss strategies but they failed. There are so many reasons why people fail. Your own reason might be different from another person’s. Some have a lot of fat of fat depositions in their body due to the gene their body possess, some possess a lot of fat in their body due to the unhealthy foods which they consume, etc.

Fat are deposited in the fat cells of the body. It is the responsibility of the body system to deposit fat in the required areas of the body. In women, fat are generally stored in the areas of the butt, breast and hips. In men, fat are generally deposited in the stomach and the best thing I will advise you to do is to engage your body in exercise. You do not have to focus on one particular area to shed fat but the body as a whole.

Seriously, if you do not control the amount of fat that are deposited in your body system, there are so many risks that are involved. If you eat the proper nutrition, your body will be able to speed up metabolic rate which will trigger weight lose processes.

Over the years, the rate at which obesity increases is getting higher and higher and that is why more research was made to find the best way to eliminate the excess weight problems. Well, you don’t have to go around looking for the exercises that will help to get into shape. Everything is now in your hands; you need to change your lifestyle, not for a temporary time but for as long as you want to remain healthy and fit.

The exercises that you perform will help your body to produce more heat which will help to burn off more fat. If you visit millions of gym or fitness centers worldwide to ask them about the best exercises for losing body fat, i am very sure you will get a lot of  answers that differs from one another and the reason is because the exercise that works for A may not work for B. Why it worked for A is because he found the exercises interesting and they do not get him bored but if you choose to perform the same exercise because you heard or saw somebody that perform the same exercise losing weight but yet not finding the exercise interesting, i bet you may not see any progress.

Ensure you find the exercise that is very interesting so that you can see progress in your weight loss.

If you are sure about losing weight, there are several things you should do first, ask yourself the amount of fat you want to burn, how fast you are willing to burn fat, the exercises you want to perform, and be specific by understanding whether you are fully prepared etc.

These are the things you should understand about losing belly fat:

Losing weight requires a lot of physical effort and time. It is the way you choose to get your programs done that will tell if you will lose weight or otherwise.

How can you know if you possess a lot of fat in your body? It is very simple, you can figure it out by checking your face, hands, lower legs, feet, forearms because they are the first places where you can notice if you are having a lot of fat deposition in your system even before the major areas of the body where fat is deposited.

If you are really sure you want to lose weight, you should take your time to understand your body type. How can you do this? Very simple, that is why we am here. We are here to provide you with all the necessary tips you need to be familiar with. Your body type is made up of the combination of body fat, muscles as well as your skeletal formation. Once you have the knowledge about the body type you are carrying then you will be able to understand where to start.

There are some people who are having a lot of fat deposition in their body and also large boned. These types of people may find losing weight a lot harder because they will never get that perfect shape like those that are having tiny bones.

If you engage your muscles in exercises, they will help to burn more fat than any other ways.

There are three types of body and they are: endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph.

1. Endomorph: this is a body type that is characterized by round body shapes. It is a combination of round torso, shorter stature and thick neck. Those who possess this body type also have a shorter and fatter legs as well as arms.

2. Mesomorph: this is a body type that is characterized by natural muscles as well as lean body structure. Those with this body possess more angular body shapes, broad shoulders as well as barrel chests. They also possess muscular legs and arms.

3. Ectomorph: this is a body type that is characterized by lean and slim body structure. Those having this body structure are usually taller and have thin arms as well as legs. They are usually having smaller muscles and low body fat in them.

Since you have the knowledge of the three body types that human are carrying, you should be able to figure out the type of body you are having so that you will be able to understand where to start and which weight loss exercise will be good for you.

There are three things that will determine whether you will lose weight or not and they are:

  1. The ratio of fat to muscle
  2. Muscle strength and flexibility
  3. Your cardio endurance

If the ratio of fat in the body system is greater than muscle, you will definitely ad weight instead of getting a toned body. So, the best way is to perform exercises and change your lifestyle so that the rate of muscles will be greater than the amount of fat in your system.

You need to train your muscle strength. How can you do this? This will be determined by the amount of physical effort you incorporate into your training. Your main goal is to lose weight, burn calories and gain muscles and the best way to perfectly build your muscles is to perform various repetitions and sets and make sure you rest between exercises.

You should be able to perform your exercises to optimal and be able to endure. If you perform exercise to optimal, you should be ready to feel the pain the next day. You need to endure and rest so that you will recover your strength before the next exercise.

Resting is very important when it comes to losing weight through exercises. Learn to rest between exercises and perform various sets with numbers of reps.

Warm up before starting any exercise so that your body will become fully prepared before the main exercise. The exercises which you can perform for warming-up are running, jogging, skipping, swimming, etc.

The amount of foods which you are eating is the main causes of your weight loss or weight gain. You should learn to control craving for foods and cut the size of your meals into small portions.

You must learn to control stress because it is one of the triggers of weight gain. There is one thing called reserve capacity, it is this reserve capacity that will help your heart to overcome stress. Without reserve capacity, the heart is likely to develop heart diseases.

It is not everybody that performs exercise that will possess bulk muscular body like those you see in TVs. Those that possess such body structure level are the people that are pre-programmed to have it. They do not achieve that by hitting the gym alone but with the use of hormone drugs.

Higher percent of women are having a low testosterone levels and if that is your case, you should make sure you perform difficult exercises to make weight loss work for you.

Learn to switch between exercises, combine cardio exercise with high intense exercise to help boost your weight loss progress. If you perform just one exercise, you will never see a good result because your body is used to it.

There are two types of exercise. They are compound exercise and isolated exercise. Compound exercise focuses more than one muscle in the body while isolated exercises only focus one muscle. I will advise you to perform compound exercise that will focus all the parts of your body.

The following are the exercise to reduce belly fat:

  1. Squats
  2. Bodyweight squat
  3. Leg press
  4. Deadlift
  5. Bent over row
  6. Towel row
  7. Chin
  8. Bench press
  9. Pushup
  10. Dips
  11. Upright row
  12. Overhead press
  13. Leg curls
  14. Slider leg curl
  15. Pec deck
  16. Seated bicep curl
  17. Triceps pushdown
  18. Plank
  19. Crunch
  20. Towel raise
  21. Reverse crunch
  22. Side bend

If you perform exercise to reduce belly fat over and over but don’t see a good result, it means you need to change your lifestyle and follow a good eating and exercise plan.


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