Exercises To Reduce Tummy Fat And Remain In Shape

by Christian Blake on February 27, 2013

01Even if you perform all the exercises to reduce tummy fat and do not change your lifestyle, you are only wasting your time, effort and money doing the wrong thing. Weight loss requires your full dedication and effort. The foods that you consume are the major causes of fat accumulation in your body.

As we grow, the fat begin to increase and for the fact that we still consume those unhealthy foods and lack exercise, there is one hundred percent assurance that such person will have various health issues. If you start eating healthy foods, you will gradually see the changes as you progress and this changes which you see will motivate you to continue with your weight loss plan.

I don’t want you to get into shape but to remain in shape for the rest of your life.

You should observe what you are eating so that you will be able to figure out the ones that are not good for you. Make sure you keep track on both foods and drinks which you ingest on the daily basis. A good eating journal will be required to take those records.

Your body type may differ from another person’s body and you should not think the exercise which that person performs will work for your weight loss. Everybody have their own gene and it is this gene that will determine whether you will lose weight fast or not.

Let us take for example, a new baby is delivered into a family, even though he is an infant but people could still identify if he is carrying any particular gene from his parent. So, if you are having a gene that possesses a lot of fat, you should be ready to perform intense workout with combinations and various repetitions to make it easier for you.

To burn belly fat, there is no other better way than to follow a simple, hard exercise that will improve your progress. There is one other name for belly fat and it is called abs obesity because it will make you look disgusting. You should make sure you use all your strength to burn of all the accumulated fat in your body system because if it becomes too much there are so many risks involved.

There are three types of exercises that generally targets the abdominal muscles and they are:

  1. Cardiovascular exercises
  2. Abs exercises
  3. Interval workout.

There are lots of cardiovascular exercises which you can perform in order to lose belly fat and they will help you to reduce belly fat which will be a surprise for you. There is an annoying layer of your stomach fat and you need to first get rid of the fat in that layer as fast as possible. If you perform these exercises harder you will develop the muscles in your abdominals.

Though it become a bit difficult to see the abs muscles because, they are hidden under the layers of the belly fat. To start burning the fats in your abdominals, you should start by engaging yourself in exercises such as walking, jogging, and swimming for a period of at least three to four times a week. Exercising will help to increase the rate of metabolism and will also increase the heart beat rate. Remember that if your body is able to increase the rate of metabolism, it will be a bit simple to lose belly fat.

Abdominal exercises are exercises that will help to lose belly fat as fast as possible. How? Remember i mentioned something like exercises to start losing belly fat and they are walking, jogging, etc. once you engage in these exercises, you will be able o burn more fat and gain muscles. There are so many abs exercises that you may include in your exercise plan and they are: crunches, yoga, etc.

Interval workout will help you to lose weight as fast as possible. How is this possible? First I will like to ask if you know anything about interval workout. Okay, interval workout is defined as a type of workout that has to do with performing a high intensity exercise for a specific time period and after that you will have to perform a low intensity exercise. Here you will have to work the upper part of your body and then allow your body to relax and recover.

Here is an example of such workout; jogging for a period of five minutes before exercises because this will serve as a warming up (to get your body prepared for all the daily activities). Ensure you rest between exercises so that you will be able to recover as fast as possible. As soon as you discover that your body is weak make sure you quit and get some rest.

These three steps that are listed in the above can be classified under the following:

  1. Warm up and cool down
  2. Temporary workout
  3. Power workout (when you make it harder)

You can make your exercise harder by including weight and increasing the intensity.

The following are the exercises to reduce tummy fat

1. Crossover dumbbell step-up: this exercise is perfect for losing belly fat and for anybody to perform this exercise you will see dumbbell. Get a pair of dumbbell and stand with a bench to your left side. Position your right foot on that bench and press your right foot into the bench and push your body till your right leg is in a straight position but ensure your left foot is still not on the bench. Lower yourself to the position which you started and perform various repetitions to your right and to the left leg again. Push your heel into the bench while you are pushing your body up.

2. Barbell rollout: this is an exercise that will help you shed tummy fat and for anybody to perform this exercise there are steps to follow. You should load a barbell with about ten pound plates and affix collars. Kneel down on a mat placed on the floor or on the floor and grab a bar with an overhand, shoulder width grip. Place your shoulders directly over the barbell and also keep your lower back naturally arched. Gradually roll the bar to the front and extend your body as far as possible but ensure your hip does not sag.

Hold this position for a period of two seconds and reverse the move to return to the position which you started. Make sure your arms are in a straight position from the start till you complete the exercise.

1. Belly front squat: this is another specific exercise to help burn belly fat and to perform this exercise there are certain steps to follow. Hold a bar next to your chest with a shoulder width, overhand grip. Lift your upper arms until they are finally parallel to the ground and allow the bar roll back in order to make sure that it rests on the front of your shoulders. Push back your hips, keep your knees bent and lower your body until the tops of your thighs are at least parallel to the ground and maintain this position for some seconds before to the position which you started. Make sure you keep your upper arms straight without dropping till you finish the exercise.

2. Inverted roll: this is and exercise that performs a specific role when it comes to losing belly fat. To perform this type of exercise there are some steps which you will be required to follow. You need to grab a bar in a power rack at about the height of your waist and lie under it. Hold the bar with your overhand, shoulder width grip and hang from it while your arms are straight. Make sure you keep your body straight from your ankles to your head. Pull your chest to the bar and take a pause before you return to the position which you started. Ensure your core is kept braced so as to make certain that your body is in a rigid position.

3. Pushup: this is an exercise that is performed by a lot of people and it was confirmed to be one of the effective exercises to lose belly fat. To perform this exercise, there are steps to follow. Assume you are in a pushup position with your arms kept straight as well as your hands slightly beyond the width of your shoulder. Make sure your body is on a straight line till your upper chest is about to reach the floor. Hold this position for a second and return to the position which you started and perform various repetition. Make sure your shoulders are dip a bit below your elbows.

If you are sure about losing weight, exercises to reduce tummy fat are listed above. It is now your choice to select the one which you consider your choice. Remember to switch exercise so as to make fast progress and weigh yourself every week in order to know the amount of fat which you have eliminated and those that are still remaining. Cut back the amount of calories you are consuming, the amount of carbs and follow a strict eating plan. Do not slip your meals and I must tell you the truth, losing weight is not what you should be aiming but remaining in shape for the rest of your life.

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