Impressive Weight Loss Stories For Women (Before And After)

by Christian Blake on February 18, 2013

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For many people, it is far too easy to put on weight and far too hard to take it off. If you have discovered that you have put on too much weight lately or have gradually been gaining weight over the years and want to do something about it, before and after weight loss stories for women from real people may help motivate you to lose weight and can provide some good ideas that you may want to try. It is not easy to lose weight, and the more you have to lose, the more daunting a task this can be. It can be motivating to get on the scale and see that you have lost some pounds or that you can fit into a smaller size. However, the inevitable plateau is sure to come, and it is for those times that you could probably use some motivational stories.

An Exceptional One

Natalie’s story of weight loss is somewhat different in that, unlike most women her age, she decided to lose her goal weight in a more organic way, with a heavy emphasis on exercise. During her six-month metamorphosis, she admitted to being a bit addicted to her morning workout, feeling guilty at times if she missed a day and telling herself to go extra hard to work off that slice of cake she had eaten at the office birthday party. The motivation began with fitting into a wedding dress, but the motivation continues with the notion of living a healthy life.

Natalie was 30 when her fiancé got down on one knee and proposed in the same restaurant where they had their first date. After the euphoria of hearing the question evaporated with dessert, Natalie realized she had better lose some weight–and fast. She almost immediately decided against a crash diet consisting of a combination of diet pills, regular gym workouts and starving herself. Instead, she set about changing her lifestyle in earnest.

With six months to lose 30 pounds, Natalie decided to ease into a workout regimen. She introduced a series of yogic stretches into her daily routine, focusing 30 minutes of her morning five days a week on breathing and long, deep stretches. Her strategy involved little change to her diet of fried chicken and French fries in the hopes that having loose muscles would help when she did step up the intensity of her workouts. Through the first month of doing nothing but stretches half an hour a day, Natalie saw a negligible change in her figure, but her body felt stronger and more flexible.

“My best friend’s uncle is a nutritionist, and he once told her that anytime you can exercise first thing in the morning, before eating anything, before drinking anything, you will see the best results from your workout”, said Natalie. “She told me that if you run for at least 30 minutes, according to her uncle, first thing in the morning, that your body burns first the last fat you consumed, and then burns the reserves your body keeps in store. Her uncle says you don’t even have to change anything you eat, and the pounds just start melting off”. Natalie made that the cornerstone of her workouts.

During the second month, Natalie introduced a jogging schedule to her daily stretching regimen. She began the morning with an abbreviated bout of stretches to squeeze in a 30-minute jog, so she would not be late for work. By the third month, she found herself waking up earlier and earlier in order to stretch her muscles for a longer period of time, sore from the previous day’s run. She also found herself jogging farther and faster than she had the day before. By the fourth month, she caught herself picking up a box of doughnuts at the grocery store, only to put them back because she could not justify the calories. By the fifth month, Natalie sought the peace she felt in running 6 miles in the morning before work, away from the stress of the wedding and work and weight loss.

She noticed a gradual change in her physique, having added a few push-ups and abdominal crunches to her routine, but the true test of her progress came with each compliment she received from her co-workers and friends, from strangers staring at her just a little bit longer, and from her fiancé, who seemed to be especially impressed. “I cannot say it was easy”, Natalie said. “In fact, one of the ways I got out of bed on some of those mornings was by telling myself this would be the hardest thing I would do all day, and that if I could get through it, the rest of the day would be a breeze. There were shin splints and sore muscles and a lot of sweat and a lot of sacrifice, but when I think back to the way I was and the way I looked, I know that I can never let myself get back to that again. I’m healthy now, and all it took was getting into a wedding dress to get me here”.

All told, within a six-month period Natalie lost 23 pounds toward her goal of 30 leading up to the wedding. Although she fell just shy of her goal, she is proud of her larger accomplishment of achieving a healthy lifestyle and has discovered a desire to compete in local marathons and triathlons.

There are also some other people (including celebrities) that have tales to tell;

Manuel Aribe (World’s Heaviest Man)

You may have heard about ‘the world’s heaviest man’, as people called Manuel Uribe. Born in 1965 in Mexico, Uribe was one of the heaviest people ever. At Uribe’s peak, he weighed in at more than half a ton, 1,316 pounds, and was bedridden starting in 2001. By following the Zone diet, and with help from doctors and nutritionists, by the end of 2008, Uribe had reduced his weight to 800 pounds. He turned down offers for gastric bypass surgery, and he continues to lose weight to this day. His goal is to weigh 265 pounds.

David Smith (Fitness Trainer)

David Smith lost 400 pounds and became a personal trainer. When Smith’s weight passed 600 pounds, he began carbohydrate cycling, a program that allows your body to burn body fat while retaining muscle mass. He lost all his excess weight in four years, but needed several surgeries to remove the excess skin. Now, Smith is a certified personal trainer.

Rosalie Bradford (World Record Holder)

The Guinness Book of World Records lists Rosalie Bradford (1943-2006) as the woman who lost the most weight. After being bedridden for eight years at the weight of 1,199 pounds, her friends finally intervened by getting Richards Simmons involved. Simmons began a correspondence with Bradford. At first, Bradford could only clap her hands to the Simmons videos, but eventually reduced to 200 pounds. Unfortunately, in one of her sessions to remove her excess skin, fatal complications occurred, and she passed away at age 63.

John Stone (Internet Legend)

John Stone was never morbidly obese, he just had a beer belly, but he became an internet legend. Not only did Stone lose his beer belly by going to the gym regularly, he became a bodybuilder, posting his progress on his blog every month for five years. He is virtually unrecognizable now from when he began his regimen.

Rob Cooper (Mr. Fat Ass)

Formerly known as Mr. Fat Ass – Rob Cooper, who at one time weighed 475 pounds naturally lost almost 300 pounds in two and a half years by eating whole foods and walking 20 minutes daily. He then began weight training and put on 50 pounds of pure muscle.

Although losing weight naturally takes hard work, dedication and patience. However, it is the best way to ensure permanent success when trying to reach your weight loss goals. Losing weight naturally means altering the foods you eat to limit the amount of calories you consume while making sure your body still gets the nutrients it needs to function healthfully and properly. While every weight loss before and after story by women is different and particular to the individual, there are certainly common threads that are contributing factors in every case.

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